As with the other pages on this site, the items listed here are not exhaustive. I approached creating this list by considering what resources my students and I have found most useful in recent years. If you have a resource that you think needs to be here, please reach out using the info on the Endnotes page.

General Resources and Directories

Github: A website and cloud service for storing and managing code. (This site's source code is stored and managed on Github as are all of my examples linked in the guide section.)

MDN Docs and Tutorials: These are great for both learning web development and references for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Tiny Tools: A directory of open source and experimental tools for digital making of all kinds.


WebAIM: Comprehensive website for creating accessible web content including resources, tools, articles, and services.

WAVE: Web accessibility evaluation tool.


Sustainable Web Design: Comprehensive sustainable web design resource.

Website Carbon Calculator: For testing the carbon footprint of a website.

Ecograder: For testing the carbon footprint of a website.



MDN Reference on HTML



MDN Reference on CSS


Patternify: A CSS Pattern Generator


The Vanilla JS Toolkit: A resource for general purpose JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and methods.

Eloquent JavaScript: A textbook and interactive website for learning JavaScript.

p5.js: A JavaScript library for creative coding.

Three.js: A JavaScript library for creating and displaying 3D content on the web.

Paper.js: A JavaScript library for working with vector graphics.


Coolors: A color palette generator and explorer.

HTML Color Codes: Pick and converter.

Huemint: Machine learning assisted color palette generator:

Still Imaging


W3Docs: Converting images to Base 64:

Online Converter: Converting Images to SVG:

Cloud Convert: Converting Images to WebP (and more):

Editing and Resizing

GIMP: Open source raster image (photo) editor:

Inkscape: Open Source vector image editor:


DitherIt: Online dithering tool.

Dither Me This: Online dithering tool.

3D Modeling

Blender: Open source 3D modeling software.

Model Converter: Online glTF model converter: